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Snoring Relief - C4

Helpful in relieving snoring and clearing nasal pasage.

Cistus Canadensis 8x 0.02%
Sticta Pulmonaria 10x 0.02%
Hydrastis Canadensis0.02% 10x 0.02%
Kali Bichromicum 8x 0.02%
Sabadilla 8x 0.02%
Alcohol    30%V/V

Cistus Canadensis

Useul in giving relief as it has affinity for nasopharynx; aborts colds that center in posterior nose

Sticta Pulmonaria

A popular remedy of great repute in coughs & catarrhs

Hydrastis Canadensis

Excellent remedy for cleansing of the nasal passage that is lined with viscid mucous and promotes

more intake of oxygen

Kali Bichromicum

An extremely important remedy for diseases of the mucuous membrane of the nose and sore throat

and in removing adverse affections of air passages


Addresses adverse conditions of throat such as dryness that could lead to congestions of nasal passage