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UTI Relief - C7

Gives relief from symptoms associated with Urinary Tract Infections.

Apis Mellifica 8x
Belladonna 10x
Equisetum Hyemale 10x
Sarsaparilla 10x
Terebinthinae Oleum 12x
Alcohol 30% V/V

Apis Mellifica

Addresses buring soreness while urinating and high colored, scanty urine

Also helps in reducing pain in bladdder and incontinence


Useful when there is much retention of urine in the bladder, frequent

desire to urinate with urine passing drop by drop

Equisetum Hyemale

For symptoms of sharp cuttinh pain in urethra while urinating


Useful in severe, almost unbearable pain at conclusion of urination

Terebinthinae Oleum

Useful when  urine contains higher levels of albumin and blood and has marked odour