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Insomnia Relief - C13

Gives relief in cases of sleeplessness, sleep apneoa and mild emotional distress.

Cannabis Indica 8x
Gelsemium 10x
Ignatia Amara 12x
Passiflora Incarnata 12x
Stramonium 12x
Alcohol  30%V/V

Cannabis Indica

Extremely useful in cases of obstinate and intractable forms of Insomnia

and also in cases of Nightmares affecting sleep


Attends to several sleep disorders due to exhaustion, uncontrollable thinking

tobacco abuse and nervous irritation

Ignatia Amara

Addresses issues of troubled dreams and insomnia due to grief

Passiflora Incarnata

Ideal for treating insomnia of infants and the aged


Helps to correct situation where sleepy feeling does not result in sleep