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Liver Vit

LIVER VIT - For Healthy Liver

Dosage: Children ½ teaspoon in warm water thrice daily before meal / Adults 2 teaspoons in warm water thrice daily before meal or as directed by the physician. In acute cases dosage to be taken in consultation with the physician.

Packing: 30ml, 100ml & 450 ml

Contains: Kalmegh, Hygrophilla, Luffa bind Punarnava, Chlodendron, Hydrocotyle, Nut Sulp 2x, Nay Benz 3x

Indications: An eminent liver remedy. Used against pain in the liver region shooting towards the back of the shoulder, pains aggravated from the least touch. In all jaundice symptoms like yellow eyes, excessively yellow urine, yellow skin and yellow or clayish stool.