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"Harmony 24X7X365"

Harmony is a holistic concept; largely dependent on how much one is in 'synch' with nature. This also means taking recourse to nature based remedies in the event of experiencing disorders - of body and mind. This is where WE come in!

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Family First!

We are with you in your incessant quest for providing protection to your loved ones; and this we do by ensuring that all our PRODUCTS are processed in a SAFE, SECURE environment, leaving nothing to chance. We are as much your FAMILY!

The ones YOU care for, are the ones WE care for !

We manufacture homoepathic Medicines : Generics - Mother Tinctures & Dilutions and Patents -Lifedrops, Topicals, Malts and Powders, using the finest quality raw materials and Extra Neutral Alcohol sourced from the very best!

Welcome To Curative Power Lab

Bengal was one of the crucibles of the Indian Freedom Struggle and was the cradle that rocked several revolutionaries. In that era, a revolution of a different kind was  brewing in the mind of young doctor – a homoepath by training – Dr Sukumar Roy. We at Curative, regard him as a pioneering ‘health’ revolutionary and owe our sound understanding of the science and art of manufacturing homoepathic medicines, to him.

In 1927, Dr Sukumar Roy established the Economic Homeo Pharmacy at Bada Bazaar, Kolkata (then Calcutta). Dr Roy was moved by the plight of several of his countrymen who were impoverished and lacked access to basic healthcare. Homoepathy he opined, was the way to reach out in a cost effective way. Thus started the journey to create Economic Pharmacy and thus began a Health Revolution.

We at Curative, are committed to carrry forward the legacy of the Dr Sukumar Roy with dedication and determination.

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Our Vision

To manifest as a world leader in alternative healthcare solutions by adhering to  international best practices, ALWAYS and incessantly striving towards alleviating suffering and bringing quality to life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out – to the teeming millions across geographies, who require cost effective nature based medical solutions that are complementary or supplementary in nature. 

Our Lifetips

Poor health is not something that just happens to you, it's the result of the lifestyle you live: the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the work you do, the friends you keep. . .
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