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Lipids Care - C23

Helps correct lipid profile and reduce blood pressure.

Chelidonium 12x 5%
Cholesterinum 12x 5%
Cistus Canadensis 12x 5%
Allium Satvium 12x 5%
Calcarea Carbonica 12x 5%
Phosphorus 12x  
Alcohol   30% VV


A prominent liver remedy, covers many ailments that have some basis in liver


Excellent remedy for afflictions of  liver and gall bladder, counters obstinate hepatitic engorgments

Cistus Canadensis

A deep acting anti psoric remedy that shows marked action in glandular affections

Allium Satvium

Good old garlic, known from times immemorial to have a benevolent effect in reducing cholesterol due to strong vaso dilatory properties

Calcarea Carbonica

Known to be a constitutional remedy, par excellence due to anti psoric properties and strong dislike for fat


Corrects distorted metabolism and ill effects of excessive salt consumption